Pivot Candlebar Buy and Sell Advice Indicator

This Pivot Candlebar indicator is a mix of several other popular trading indicators. The MT4 code includes MACD, Fibonacci, Pivot Points, and RVI. It gives buy and sell advice to currency traders. There are 3 possibilities: wait, buy, and sell.

Trading Signals

Buy: Direction of the arrow is up and the indicator shows BUY.

Sell: Direction of the arrow is down and the indicator shows SELL.

No trade: Direction of the arrow could be either up or down and the indicator shows WAIT.

Indicator Preferences

Currency pairs: any

Preferred Time frames: any

Sessions: London and the US for timeframe are up to the 15 min charts. Any session for timeframe’s starting at 30 min charts and above.

Configurable Indicator Options


EUR/USD Daily Chart Example


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