High Speed MT4 Data at cheapest price

We provide High reliable MT4 Chart for the cheapest price available in the market, We also provide Free high accuracy custom Indicators along with the Data

Commodity Data Feed starting at Rs 350 with Free Indicators

All Segment Data Feed Starting at Rs 450 with Free Indicators

Real Time Ami Broker Data Feed at Cheapest Price

We provide Tick by Tick high speed Ami Broker Data feed with very low latency along with 3 months back fill data at the best possible price in the market.We also provide Free high accuracy algos along with the Data feed

Single Segment Data Feed Starting at Rs 650 with Free Indicators


Market Scanners

How many times have you said, “Oh I missed that trade!!! It will never happen again with our Market scanners. You do not have to sit in front of the system and keep toggling windows to find out the winning script. Our market scanners will find most profitable scripts for you. All you need to do is trade on those scripts and earn profit.

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Algo Trading

Machines are always better than human’s. Trust me, even an obsessed trader cannot keep looking at the charts and pondering the data all the time, that’s why we have built our premium algo trading product. Let the machine take care of your trading and you relax and keep taking your profit.

Remove the emotional aspect of trading and let the data take take the decision for you. 

We have separate Algo Trading softwate for MT4 and Ami Broking trading terminals. Easy integration with your broker front office and you are all set to go for your vacation. Talk to our expert today..

Excellent Technical Support

We understand market is complex and the tools are even more complex. Well don’t worry, we are here you help you with anything.

Our support team, is excellent and they will hold your hands at each step of installation, configurations and setup of any of our product and also educate you on how to use them by remote sharing.

They are experts in the industry and don’t hesitate to ask them anything related to market trends, charts, candle sticks, algos and any other market realted questions, We are happy to help !!!.

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Accurary Rate

Get the best value for your money

Premium Indicators

Find trade setups fast and easily with the new-look Scanners and other premium indicators.

Customizable Products

All our Indicators are highly customizable based on your trading behaviour. They are  easy to use.


Projects “in advance” future support and resistance zones and enables profitable trade decisions.

Back Testing Capablity

The scripts could be backtested for assesing their perfromance for various scripts and currency pairs

IntraDay and Positional

Most of our indicator’s are specifically categorised for Intraday and positional trades.


The Profit to Loss ratio for our indicators are always high.

What our customers’ say..

The support from IVT Capital is excellent all the time.. Whenver i am stuck anywhere, i just ping them on chat and they take a remote of my desktop and run me through the problem and work out the solution. I have never experiences such a support from any of my previous chart Vendors… Thanks to IVT Capital.”

Ganesh Prakash

Private Trader,India.

The Market scanner from IVT Capital is excellent and i have been using it for the past three months now and am making considerable profit. 

It helps me to easily scan the entire watchlist and prompts with the profitable script to trade and the mobile alert feature is very useful.


Software Engineer , India.

I’m a full-time profes­sional Forex trader and since I discovered IVT Capital’s technical premium indicatiors, it has  substan­tially increased my produc­tiv­ity and profitabil­ity. The market tools they provide allows me to increase produc­tiv­ity .The quality as a company that can be trusted and relied upon 150%

Robin D

Professional trader , Italy.

Become an Affliate and earn passively

Excellent Profit Sharing and support for our Affliates.We also provide licensing model for MT4 Indicators and Market scanners. Reach us for your Private Label products.


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